Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

Susuana Olatunji Komolafe is an author, editor, publisher, educator, community development representative, mentor, historian, storyteller and freelance consultant at “SOM PR Consultancy Firm”. Susuana also works in the health industry as a support worker for both adults and youth taking on different roles as her day to day job. She is presently the CEO of Adcenter and chief editor of Susuana Newspaper Magazine.

Susuana has been actively involved in community integration and leadership development since 2006 and is an activist promoting the integration of African Caribbeans living here in Ireland. Her objective is to project and profile a positive image and highlight the contribution of African Caribbeans and descendants of African Caribbeans in Ireland and around the world. Her focus is here in Ireland and globally through her participation in different local organisations, national bodies and international influence. Susuana is a founding board member of the first ever Africa Caribbean Forum, after which she established her own organisation called Afro Diaspora Center, She made history creating an initiative around the world, the celebration of Africa History Month Ireland

Under what conditions do you get your best work done?

I work best when I am relaxed around people and actively engaging. It makes things much easier to do. I love to be in a quiet environment but with a bit of music or any form of live activity. I can work well also under pressure If it is a challenging pressure as it motivates me to be creative, not a destructive kind of pressure, I just don’t see the reason why, life should be simple and refreshing.

How do you encourage creative thinking within you or your client’s organisations?

I inspire positivity in myself. I aspire to always be positive and generate inner creativity and engage my inner nature through visualisation.

Have you had a mentor and if so how did this person impact you?

I have never had a personal mentor but my mentor is my self-motivation, the memory of living with my mother also gives me so much reason for life. My mother is so passionate about life and will find a way to survive without breaking the bank. She is my mentor and makes me yearn for life.

What is the one mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?

The one mistake is to keep walking like people are behind you. A leader should lead and work like they are alone but act on what can be visualised, meaning what he/she sees.

Have you ever been professionally stuck? How did you become unstuck?

Yes, when you have too much expectation of others you get stuck, you can become unstuck the moment you have no expectations, but be hopeful of possibilities.

What qualities do you believe are the most important to be a leader? If not all these qualities come naturally, do you have any tips on how to cultivate them?

  • Integrity is the key to leadership by being true to yourself
  • Keep your smile on at all times if you can, please don’t lose it
  • Keep going even when nothing works because the moment you stop, you’re giving up on life, note you can revisit your steps but don’t stop!