My Brilliant Life Journal


My Brilliant Life Journal teaches kids six qualities of everyday Irish leaders with stories and insights from 22 inspiring Irish leaders. The journal has dedicated chapters for; Grit, Curiosity, Kindness, Confidence, Collaboration and Communication with activities and exercises for the children to work on.

We believe that every child has natural leadership qualities and this journal will help them to discover their own little leader within. The journal also aims to inspire children with stories and insight from the everyday leaders in Irish society making really positive changes.

This journal is for our future leaders, children aged 10+. It subtly explores the latest advances in neuroscience, bringing the concepts to life with words of encouragement and insights from everyday Irish trailblazers and with self-reflective activities for the reader to complete. It will cultivate and strengthen a healthy inner belief system and will empower readers to believe in their untapped potential and in their uniqueness. It provides a safe space for them to capture their thoughts, ideas and aspirations. We hope it plants the seeds for independent thinking and empowers Irish kids to have the courage to live their most brilliant life.

This journal will help children to reach their full potential‘ – Richard Hogan, Psychotherapist, Teacher, Columnist and Director of Therapy Institute.


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