Exclusive Ladies’s T-Shirt plus 5 journals donated to a school of your choice

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The design of this exclusive, ethical and sustainable t-shirt is inspired by the Fenit Lighthouse in Tralee Bay, a beautiful example of innovation surrounded by breath-taking landscape. Like the lighthouses, the next generation of leaders will also need to be beacons, guiding humankind on our journey, while working in harmony with nature.

I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve” – George Bernard Shaw.

When you purchase a t-shirt, we also send 5 copies of our publicationMy Brilliant Life Journal” to a primary school of your choice. Teachers can use the journal in the classrooms and/or gift them to students. 

This journal will help children to reach their full potential‘ – Richard Hogan, Psychotherapist, Teacher, Columnist, Author and Director of Therapy Institute.

My Brilliant Life Journal aims to instil positive and compassionate leadership in classrooms across Ireland with stories and insights from 22 Irish leaders. The journal teaches six leadership qualities which we have identified as common amongst Irish leaders – grit, curiosity, kindness, confidence, collaboration and communication.

This journal is for our future leaders, children aged 10+. It subtly explores the latest advances in neuroscience, bringing the concepts to life with words of encouragement and insights from everyday Irish trailblazers and with self-reflective activities for the reader to complete. It will cultivate and strengthen a healthy inner belief system and will empower readers to believe in their untapped potential and in their uniqueness. It provides a safe space for them to capture their thoughts, ideas and aspirations. We hope it plants the seeds for independent thinking and empowers Irish kids to have the courage to live their most brilliant life.

After you complete the purchase we will email you for the details of the school where you’d like to donate the journals.


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